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Survivors’ views

For the Visible project to be as relevant and effective as possible, it’s crucial that survivors are the ones who inform and shape it. 

More than anyone else, survivors understand the realities, impacts and complexities of childhood sexual abuse, and that means their insight is priceless.

Thanks to a group of survivors in Leeds, organisations will now know what changes they can make to help them deliver a better and more effective service.  These courageous people have put their own energy, intelligence and emotion into the task of helping others.  Here are some of their experiences.

Disclosure can open a can of worms, each person will need something different, you may need to check in with the person, be flexible how you work and support the person.

It would have been really helpful to know that as I started to come to terms with what happened to me that support could have been flexible.

I might struggle to describe what actually happened as I am still seeing it through the eyes of a child.

I couldn’t begin to recover until I had disclosed child sexual abuse, I had kept my secret for decades.

I was treated for an eating disorder, I was very depressed, I was withdrawn, I had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD and borderline personality disorder and still no one asked me, what had happened to me.

I wish someone had asked me sooner what happened to me.

Remember a person might not know/remember/or agree with what has happened to them.