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Setting up Visible in your area

Setting up Visible in our own organisation or locality is relatively simple. To help, we’ve listed some basic general steps and tips, and we’ve also included what we did right here in Leeds, so you have a real-world example to follow.

Support and consult survivors

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse (ASCSA) are crucial to Visible, offering unique insight and first-hand knowledge that maximise its impact. ASCSA need to be well supported with dedicated resources.

  • In Leeds, the members of a Leadership Reference Group shape our work and influence project delivery. The Group is supported by Leeds Involving People which offers expertise and advice on involvement and multi-agency cooperation.

Secure the support / initial leadership of a local influencer

  • In Leeds, this was the strategic mental health commissioner, then a council commissioner and mental health commissioner.

Fundraise for start-up money

In Leeds, the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group supported Visible with funds for an initial one-day workshop and the first year pilot.

Hold a half-day or one-day workshop to bring together interested parties

Establish a Strategic Steering Group

This should include large statutory bodies and any organisations or companies that have an interest, expertise or influence in the subject. Also invite small and specialised voluntary sector agencies.

  • In Leeds, the backing of a single influential individual helped us with engagement from key people and organisations.
  • You can see Visible Leeds’ partners here.

Be alert, bold and opportunistic

Look for chances to ‘piggyback’ relevant or sympathetic initiatives, strategies, projects, campaigns, organisations and needs assessments. Take every chance to add value to them by referencing ASCSA.

Engage large service providers

Bigger organisations already have contact with – or can reach – larger numbers of people, including those in or near crisis.

Engage organisations with large workforce

Research shows that a significant number of their employees will be adult survivors of child sexual abuse – people who Visible could help.

  • In Leeds, we work with local authorities, NHS Trusts, Policy and businesses.

Share knowledge

Provide resources that equip all staff, in every organisation, with the information they need for making improvements. Remember that these organisations face high demand and have limited capacity, so their services are often very overstretched.

  • We made short, highly impactful presentations (with facilitator notes) that can be delivered without much preparation at team meetings. We also promote this 8-minute video that tells a particularly powerful story. All the resources on this website are available to everyone

Policy Statement Sign Up

Visible is about giving organisations and practitioners everything they need for doing what they realistically can to  help survivors of child sexual abuse.

Learnings from the Visible project

To find out more and read the report please click here. For a summary of the report, please go to this link.

On Routine Enquiry

To find out more and read the report please click here.